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Thank You Declan for the Live Interview
Completed on December 19th, 2007

Rebroadcast of this event will be on
January 5th, 1pm EST US

Join us on 9/11 as we pay tribute
8pm Eastern on FHR RADIO

Interview completed: 8/24/2007

Interview completed: July 30, 2007

Interview completed: July 23rd


Interview completed: July 13, 2007


Completed on: June 2007
Special thanks to Billy Gilman and his management




Interview completed on Feb 12, 2007
Thanks to Michael Hinch and his Management


December 2006 - STREETWIZE - Completed

December 2006 - RASCALL FLATTS SPECIAL SHOW - Completed

Jared Wagner
Interview completed: November 20, 2006
Thank You Jared

Special FHR Show from Mississippi
Featuring William Michael Morgan & special guests
Barbara Wilkinson and Scott Randall Rhodes
Completed: Nov 12, 2006

Completed: 10/06/2006
Thanks Cowboy Crush for being with us
Website: http://www.cowboycrush.com

Completed: 09/28/2006
Thanks for being with us



(TUE), SEPT 19, 10PM Est

For Kenny Chesney the reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year music has always been the current that's run through his life, happy and sad. With The Road And The Radio, the singer/songwriter from Luttrell, Tennessee raises the stakes on both the intensity of his straight-up-the-middle power-country and deepening sense of introspection.

We bring you an interview with Kenny Chesney from his tour bus. Along with his Tour Manager: David Farmer and his Production Manager: Ed Wannabo.

Official Website: www.kennychesney.com
Completed: 09/19/2006 - Thanks kenny

RIO GRAND is four talented muscians who blend their rough earthy sound with the flavors of southern rock favorites the likes of the Allman Brothers Band and marshall Tucker. It's new and familiar at the same time. Currently signed to the Curb/Asylum Major Record Label.

Thank You "RIO GRAND" for being with us
Interview Completed: 9/16/2006
RIO GRAND Official Website:

August 23, 2006
Special Guest: Matt
Subject: MDA Camp Experience

Country Music Artist Travis Rush, Live Interview
Completed: 8/12/2006
Thanks Travis for being with us

Interview with country singer Tyler Dickerson

Tyler Dickerson, A.K.A. "The Outlaw Kid" is Florida's Male Vocalist and Male Entertainer of the Year. Originally from southern Mississippi, he currently resides in Florida. Singing since the age of 5, he has grown to love country music and one day hopes to become the next Garth Brooks.

Website: http://www.tylerdickerson.com/
CD Release Party article by Dj Rescue: Click Here


Radio Interview: Completed 8/4/2006
Thank You Tyler for being with us



NATALIE HOWARD IS ALREADY A STAR in her native Australia and now American programmers are getting a chance to see why. FHR Radio brings you a live interview with Natalie. She has brough songs such as "I don't want to live like that" and her new single "You never knew me"

Website: http://www.nataliehoward.net/
Radio Interview: Completed 7/24/06
Thank You Natalie for being with us

Joey Pearson (Singer / Songwriter)

The instant you hear him, you know he was born to sing. The key to Joey's electrifying presence is that his performances feel so right, so effortless. His ability to connect with an audience is second to none. While Joey grew up in the Nineties, his shows sizzle with intensity that evokes the spirit of his main inspiration: the legendary voices of classic soul and R&B. By an exquisite merger of talent, taste and passion, Joey Pearson has become a dazzling singer and performer in his own right. With fans in 30 countries and 5 CD albums later, Joey has become a global attraction. Joey also performed on Star Search.

Website: www.joeypearson.com
Radio Interview: Completed 6/15/06
Thank You for being with us

Scott Hoying (Singer / Songwriter / Pianist)

Scott Hoying's remarkable voice and love of music became evident at a very young age. By the time Scott was 8, he was singing for a paycheck, making music education CDs for Silver Burdett Ginn.  In the years since, he has performed on hundreds of stages and won numerous awards and competitions. Scott honors America on a regular basis in singing the National Anthem for professional and college sporting events. Scott has performed at the Johnnie High's Music Review in Arlington, Texas and CBS's Starsearch.

Website: www.scotthoying.com
Radio Interview: Completed on March 25th, 2006
Thank You Scott for being with us

Barry Harris (Singer / Songwriter / Pianist)

Barry E. Harris was born October 1991, and he started playing the piano at age 4. He has studied with five different music teachers since then, and is currently taking composing with Russell Faith (he has written for Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra), technical music with Richard DeKarski (who plays in Atlantic City and performed with Sammy Hagar), and voice with Sal Dupree (formerly of the Duprees).  At the age of 10, he wrote his first song and have written over 100 to date. Barry has been on American Idol Juniors, Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, NBC, America's Most Talented Kids and Dr. Phil Show.

Website: www.barryharrismusic.com
Radio Interview: Completed on March 18th, 2006
Thank You Barry for being with us

Sara Westbrook (Public Speaker / Singer / Songwriter)

Canadian native Sara Westbrook declared she was going to be a singer at the age of 3. At 11 years old she recorded her first song that she co-wrote with Jason Howie "If We Just Try".  At 18 years old she recorded her first eight track album in Ontario. If singing was not all, she developed a program called "Reach for your Dreams and your Dreams will Reach for You" a program designed to teach children tools to help them achieve their goals in life.

Website: www.sarawestbrook.com
Radio Interview: Completed on 3/11/2006
Thank You Sara for being with us

Keith Walker (Country Singer)

Take traditional country music like that of George Strait or Garth Brooks, add some of today's greats like Gary Allan or Toby Keith, and finally, throw in a bit of a southern rock and you will find Keith Walker. This talented singer / songwriter knows that country is all about the joy and hurt that life has to offer.

Website: www.myspace.com/keithwalkercountry  
Radio Interview: Completed on 3/4/2006
Thank You Keith for being with us

William Michael Morgan (Country Singer)

12 year old William Michael Morgan from Vicksburg, Mississippi is country music's next big superstar. Singing and performing since he was 5, Michael loves to sing and loves country music. Michael has been interviewed by local Mississippi radio stations, he was one out of 175 contestants chosen out of 20,000 entries for the USA Worldshowcase held in Las Vegas and televised on Pax TV where he received over a million votes and was awarded the TV Viewers Choice Award. He has performed at the Johnnie High's Country Music Review, Loretta's Lynn Ranch and many other venues.

Website: www.wmmorgan.net
Radio Interview: Completed
Thank You for being with us


Marthia Sides (Singer / Actress)

The onetime opera singer and actress whose roles have included spots in Two Weeks Notice and Sex in the City views "Popularity Contest" as her greatest role ever. Ms. Sides has been a guest on the Home and Garden network, E entertainment, TLC , and Comedy Central as well as been an Off-Broadway singer in New York City. Music is my life and the breath in me. Someone once told me country music is not something you learn-it's something inside you. There's nothing like country music for the emotions, the drama."

Website: http://www.marthia.com/
Radio Interview: Completed on 2/24/2006
Thank You Marthia for being with us

FHR RADIO is proud to bring you live interviews with today's artists.  If you are a singer and would like to schedule an upcoming interview with FHR RADIO, send an email to our Program Director, his email is listed on our contact page.

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