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Meet our staff and Media Personnel

Name: Orl Hernandez

Position: General Manager

Email: management [at] fhrradio [dot] com (The link on here is typed this way in order to avoid spam) (When sending email be sure to replace the [at] with a @ and the [dot] with an actual dot)

Orlando serves as the station manager for FHR Radio. Bringing you the best in today's country and pop music from national and international artists. Besides his work on the radio, he has worked in the field of Emergency Medical Services in Miami Dade County, Florida for 28 years. His work has included Emergency Medical Technician, Search & Rescue, Emergency Vehicle Instructor, Communications, Etc.

He enjoys music, fishing and back country. Bringing to you the best in
country/pop music.

  • Memberships:
    Active member of the Country Music Association (CMA)
  • Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Active industry member of the Canadian Country Music Association
  • Active member of the Grand Ole Opry Fan Club

Name: Jeremy Sprague

Position: Program Director

Email: djfirehouse [at] fhrradio [dot] com

Jeremy serves as the Program Director at FHR Radio. Bringing you a combination of major and independent music in the country and pop genres. Besides his work at the radio station, he serves as a Michigan Firefighter.

Hobbies include ATV's, Karate, Outdoors

Favorite movie is (too many to list)LOL.

Hidden talent... he didn't list one but it probably has something to do with


  • Active member of the Country Music Association (CMA)
  • Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame

Gianna Mascaro - Field News and Entertainment Reporter - Orlando, FL

Katherine Graney. - Marketing - West Palm Beach, FL

Jason Preston. -  Imaging - Texas

TJ McClatchy. - Graphics - Virginia

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